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VAT Mortgage Services (VAT-MS) is affiliated with Virtual Applications Technologies as well as Virtual AdTaker (VAT). Both organizations are privately held and share the technical resources. All VAT-MS and VAT applications run under a SSAE 16 compliant data center in Silver Spring Maryland with a Disaster Recovery site in Columbus Ohio.


The technical staff has been developing web applications together since 1996 and continues to utilize our 20+ years of building sophisticated Internet based mortgage and media web applications. Our staff was involved in the only two publicly available mortgage claims applications in the market place. The Cloud-Claims application is the culmination of years of building mortgage based applications alongside specialized claim processors in their area of expertise.


The staff is also responsible for other applications such as attorney letter document generation, dynamic work flow, database to IVR integration, trustee pub & posting automation; including electronic affidavits, and other numerous financial service applications.



Mortgage Claims are filed to recover the costs associated with the default and foreclosure processes for nonperforming mortgages. Claims must be filed within specific time constraints or the Servicer faces penalties or denial of the Claim. Incorrect or missing information on a claim form can also result in the assessment of penalties or curtailments of interest due on expenses and loan principle balances.

Cloud-Claims leverages the information in the host servicing system to insure that the claim is complete and filed within the specified timeframe. Accurate and timely filings reduces the potential for penalties and curtailments, and Cloud-Claims' comprehensive checks for required information and regulatory requirements can identify missing and inaccurate information, allowing for needed adjustments prior to Claim filing deadlines.

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Wizard Request for "X" is a Web application for generating an electronic delivery of RFP, RFQ, RFI and any other type of request. Many companies have attempted to automate the proposal bidding process but can only manage to generate static entry and documents to assists in the RFP process. This process is cumbersome with long timelines for distribution to award.

WRF(X) is a new approach to an age-old problem. Using a device enabled browser, a customer can dynamically build their request, rate the response, electronically compare the bidders and formulate a contract. The entire process is stored electronically; therefore historical requirements for validating the bidding process are tracked and maintained.

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Virtual Peer Review

VPR is a web-based procurement evaluation tool that allows proposals to be evaluated on predetermined criteria. Users have achieved the following benefits: Significant savings from elimination of bulk mailings and manual processes. Reduction of processing time by 35%. Reduction of evaluation time by an average of 45 days. Reduction of administrative and logistical costs.

Dramatic improvement in the quality of evaluations. Real-time progress monitoring and interactive status and reporting. VPR provides clients with On-line Scoring and Evaluation Preparing detailed Evaluation Reports.

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Virtual Survey Solution

VSS enables mortgage servicers with a tool to survey both their servicing vendors and customers with an dynamic electronic way of soliciting, gathering, organizing and analyzing questionnaire data.

VSS provides servicers with the control to build technical surveys without additional personnel or complex and expensive software.

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Latest Press Releases and Company News

VAT-MS Announces Incentive Claims


Denver, CO - VAT Mortgage Services announces release of its FHA standalone Incentive Claims Module to support the Servicing Communities efforts in complying with the CARES Act and working with borrowers impacted by COVID-19 Pandemic. 

To assist the Servicing community in handling the expected volumes Cloud-Claims is introducing a new "Quick Start" program for the FHA Incentive Claims (Type 31-Special Forbearance, 32- Modification, 33-Partial Claim).  Please contact us via email or call us at 844.244.3100 for a demo.

VAT-MS signs MSA with LoanCare


Denver, CO - VAT Mortgage Services, LLC is pleased to announce an MSA agreement with LoanCare, a Servicelink Company.  This agreement will support LoanCare’s default process.

VAT-MS launches USDA Claim Management


Denver, CO –VAT-MS launches USDA claims management through Cloud-Claims with Penny Mac.


USDA, the U.S. Department of Agriculture Guaranteed Housing Loan program, claims can now be handled through Cloud-Claims.  Cloud-claims offer’s a seamless integration, supporting all relevant claim types.


A custom interface has been written to automate claim data and allow simple upload to USDA website minimizing data entry errors, expediting claim processing time as well as providing book loss, categorization and explanation of benefits once a claim has been finalized. With the ability to manage all your claims no mater type from a single platform the addition of the USDA module enhances a servicer’s control of the default claims process.  

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